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We are located @ 149 union, come and see us. Thanks, Soupie.....

Our hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-9pm and Saturday 12:00- 9:00 pm, with free delivery ($10 minimum order) to downtown New Bedford (delivery map here) until 4:00 during the week.

Help Chef Devin make today's soups with the Destination Soups video game!

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Today's Specials
  • Hey Stephanie, thanks for reaching out the other day. I believe we left it that we are still on for the 13. Sandwiches for Monday afternoon? Sorry the price didn't work out. Let me know if you want to add the salad. Just get back to me and confirm. Hope you are holding up in the storm. Best, Devin
    Stephanie, I know how it is with thigh budgets, I understand your position, it's just hard to take on extra work w/ out proper compensation... I can get you the 13 sandwiches, w/ condiments, plates, utensils etc. and a chopped salad for $120, does this work? The chopper will be a decent size. Let me know. Thanks again, D
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    Stephanie, hope all went well yesterday. Could you send me the details on how to send out those separate invoices back tou you? Hope you're well. Best,D
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    Invoice for mass in motion luncheon
    Date, January 25, 2016
    item                                     quantity
    1                                         Large chopped salad(for 13 people)
    1                                         tray of sandwiches (tuna, veggie, Italian)
    Items will be prepared for pick up at Destination soups w/ condiments, plates and dressings as well.
    Price   $60
    Destination soups
    149 Union street, New Bedford, Ma
    Thank you, Devin Byrnes ( chef/owner)
    ▶ Show quoted textCaprese salad-mixed tomato, fresh mozzerella, balsamic mixed greens and basil-$7.50oked salmon sandwich-served on sourdough w/ Cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, onion and fresh diWe have brownies annow have gluten-free oatmeal bread for sandwiches and gluten-free browniesTry a bread bowl!!!
  • Cool as a cucumber salad - chopped cukes in a lite herb vinegrette - $3.00
  • Southwest chicken wrap w/chicken breast, corn, pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce,  cheddar and chipotle mayo - $7.95
  • Veggie wrap - w/ hummus, cukes, baby spinach, avocado and cooked red pepper-$6.60
  • Chopped salad - romaine, tomato, cukes, corn, gorgonzola, fresh dill, onion - $6.75, w/ chicken, tuna or buffalo chicken salad $8.75

Today's Soups

Today's soups:

Chicken vegetable

Creamy tomato basil (vegetarian)

NE Clam chowder


Today's specials.

Cream of mushroom w/ chicken

Hearty black bean vegetable ( vegan, g.f) optional s.cream, add egg for $1

Gazpacho ( vegan, g.f) add. Avo for $1


Specials for friday,  may  27

Dinner Specials

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Customer Reviews

"Being a retired chef my standards are somewhat high. I love the courage that the owners have demonstrated in a revitalized downtown NB. We stop in for lunch or take out at least once a week. Their soups are creative,flavorful,and cooked to perfection. Their menu changes daily and is updated on their website.My wife is a vegan{not by choice]so her choices are limited when she ventures out from her kitchen. The curried chick pea is her favorite. I am not a vegan so my options are more diverse. I have tried almost everything on the menu and can honestly say everything is 5 star."

Internet Reviewer